Saturday, August 28, 2010

Aubel Couple

These two are too cute, Christina & Corey Aubel.  It ended up being super sunny and humid this morning, but I did my best.  I will now recommend EARLY morning, evening, or overcast shots! :)  Anyways here a few of my favorites.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Stevens Maternity

John and LeeAnn Stevens & BABY

LeeAnn is one of  my great friends in Okinawa.  Very shortly after I met her she called me early in the morning and said "I think I'm pregnant."  I am so happy for her and John.  They are great and I know they will be great parents.  They are great friends, and even greater because they let me photo "experiment" on them.  They are the first real *people* photography I have done.

Enjoy and comment.

Random Outdoors

Why hello!  Welcome to my photography blog.  I figured I would start with posting some of my outdoor favorites I have taken within the past year.  If you keep up with my facebook or other blog you may have seen them before, but I hope you enjoy.